Thursday, September 30, 2010

Breaking News is Free. Depth Will Cost You.

In 2011, the Boston Globe will launch a new, subscription-based website while maintaining their open access current website.

"Our research shows that currently attracts several different types of users. Some are readers whose main interest is breaking news and things to do, while others want access to the entirety of The Boston Globe,” the Globe's publisher said. “These two distinct sites will allow us to serve both types of readers with maximum effectiveness, while continuing to provide advertisers the large engaged audience they have come to expect from”

The existing site will feature breaking news and sports, as well as some listing information. But there will be limited access to information available in the print version.

The new site will include the print product content plus exclusive information and in-depth work in a variety of media.

Will this work? Or will people get that information from other, free sources?

Is this a recognition of the differences between print and online journalism?

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